Tayshia Adams Pictures: This Bachelorette is a Bombshell!

The latest season of The Bachelorette has been chaotic, unusual and, to put it mildly, VERY polarizing.

But there's one thing related to the franchise on which we can all agree.

Tayshia Adams, who has now officially taken over for Clare Crawley, is quite easy on the eyes.

She's also kind, funny, energetic and a successful professional.

But we're here to be shallow. We're here to be superficial. We're here to focus purely on the outside and to share the most sizzling Tayshia Adams snapshots that we could find online.

Thankfully for men everywhere, we've found a lot.

Prepare to drool all over your keyboard and scroll down now!

1.Thanks, ABC!

2.Hello, Fellas!

3.What a Laugh!

4.Hot Diggity

5.Jamaica Pride!

6.A Wonder in White

7.Basking and Relaxing

8.Soaking Wet

9.She Has Legs. She Knows How to Use Them.

10.A Major Cutie

11.Sizzling in a Swimsuit

12.Hottie in Hot Pink

13.Best. Ad. Ever.

14.Up for a Hike?

15.Anyone Up for a Workout?

16.Looking for a Soulmate

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