Teresa Giudice’s Hilarious Advice To A Fan Is Going Viral

One of Teresa Giudice‘s Cameo videos is going viral after she gave hilarious advice to a fan, who cheated on her fiance with his brother.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey reality star recorded the video message for a Jessica, which was booked by her best friend Rachel.

“She told me you just had sex with your fiance’s brother that had chlamydia, and the family knows that he had it and it’s starting to look suspicious,” Teresa shared in the personalized shout out video.

She also gave Jessica a little advice on the situation, saying, “They want me to tell you what I would do if I was in your shoes — first of all, I would go the doctor, get medication, and get myself good, and I think I would stay away from that family.”

Teresa added, “I wish you all the best in life and listen — it is what it is. Just fix it, make it better and get out of that situation. Thanks for always loving and supporting me, and love, love, love you.”

If you missed it, over the weekend Teresa‘s daughter Gia, revealed she got a nose job!

Watch Teresa’s video shout out below:

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