Teyana Taylor Wants To ‘Fight’ Jeremih & Sage The Gemini Claims She’s Slapped Him Before: She ‘Got Hands’

While Teyana Taylor tried to spill more tea on Jeremih via Instagram on Aug. 15, Sage the Gemini unexpectedly joined the drama!

Teyana Taylor’s abrupt exit from Jeremih’s Later That Night tour wasn’t quiet. And it’s about to get louder – Sage the Gemini, 26, joined the conversation! The same day the 27-year-old singer took shots at Jeremih on Aug. 15 via Twitter, she switched to another social media platform to do more damage. In a long rant on an Instagram live session, Teyana elaborated on how she was “mistreated” during the tour, which kick started on Aug. 3. In the middle of her angry words, Sage The Gemini swooped in out of nowhere to backup the fight. “I can honestly vouch,” the rapper commented during her session. “I’ve been slapped by her she got hands.”

We believe it! But we also believe Teyana is planning to throw hands metaphorically, not physically — AKA, another social media rant if needed. But after this feud, Teyana might go mum, at least to the public. At the end of the live stream, she said this is “probably the last time [she’ll] talk about it” because she doesn’t “entertain” these kinds of situations around her daughter, Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr., 2. Unfortunately for Jeremih, Teyana was in Toronto and therefore not with family, giving her the green light to air dirty laundry. Besides explaining why she brought up her beef with the “Don’t Tell ‘Em” singer, Teyana added to the list of grievances that happened during the Later That Night tour.

“The whole team was cocky until I said I wanted to pull out of the tour,” Teyana said. She added, “Your own team said your show was trash.” During the video, she also accused Jeremih of not coming to rehearsal, and was bewildered as to how he was reportedly getting a bigger check. “You sit in the motherfu**ing princess chair for the whole hour of your set in every city we’ve been to thus far…You bring in different rappers and singers. Like you should be able to hold your own sh*t.”

“I’ve been nothing but repsectul,” Teyana said. Whatever actually went down backstage (and onstage), it really set off a fuse in the performer! As for future plans, Teyana said she’s now planning her own shows.

HollywoodLife has reached out to Teyana Taylor’s and Jeremih’s reps for a comment.

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