The 2021 Oscars Had Too Many Funny Tweets and Memes to Count

The 2021 Oscars may have been significantly delayed because of the pandemic—we’re talking a good-two months-after-it-would’ve-typically-aired kind of delayed—but the glitziest night in Hollywood is back, y’all!

Though the Oscars made a point to have an in-person ceremony for the purpose of (a) preventing any awkward Zoom mishaps and (b) making sure the nominees actually dress up (unlike a *certain* someone that we will not mention) to preserve the show’s ~glamour~, it was still allll the funny reactions and memes that were arguably the best part of the night.

Below, the best moment, memes, and funny tweets about tonight’s Oscars, which are 100 percent guaranteed to warm your cold soul. Enjoy!

Jason Derulo falling down the steps yet again

Yeeeeep, Jason has magically made an appearance at every significant event this past year—the Golden Globes, the presidential Inauguration, the Grammys, you name it—despite not being invited, all thanks to Twitter. And as per usual, his clumsy self fell down the steps at the Oscars…despite there really not being any major staircases at the ceremony to begin with.

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