The Answer To The Question "Is It Possible For My Ears To Orgasm?" Has Been Answered!

When Prince Hot Ginge told Duchess Meghan that they were going to the THI-TURR last night, she must’ve figured they were going to go see Chicago, because she looked like she was ten seconds away from swirling out a Bob Fosse jazz hand while singing, “… the name on everybody’s lips is gonna be MEY-GHAN!” (see: the Roxie Hart shit she wore to the theater in the video after the cut). But they went to see Hamilton instead. The performance was a gala to raise money for PHG’s charity Sentebale, which helps children and young people living with HIV in Lesotho and Botswana. At the end of the show, PHG got onstage to thank everyone and while up there, he crooned out bits of a Hamilton song into a mic. That mic is now pregnant with little ginger mic babies. Those ginger mic babies will be seventh in line to the throne.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife Vanessa Nadal were also at the performance, and sat with PHG and Duchess Meghan. Below is a riveting video of them walking to their seats as audience members around them think, “Wait, are we at Chicago?” PHG and Meghan took the aisle seats, and if I was Lin-Manuel I’d be pissed about that. Because then I wouldn’t be able to smoothly slip out 5 minutes into the performance to watch episodes of House Hunters International on my phone in the lobby as everyone got into the show I’ve seen 5,932,984 times.

Pics: AP,, Backgrid

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