‘The Bachelor’: Colton Reveals He’s Excited For The Fantasy Suites — It’s More Than Just ‘Sex’

Colton Underwood may be a virgin, but he’s not afraid of the fantasy suites. ‘The Bachelor’ star told Ellen DeGeneres that he’s actually ‘looking forward’ to the fantasy suites and not nervous at all!

While it would seem Colton Underwood, 26, would feel pressure looking ahead to the fantasy suites on The Bachelor since he’s never had sex, but that’s not the case with the former football player. “No, I’m looking forward to the fantasy suites,” Colton tells Ellen DeGeneres on the Sept. 20 edition of her show. “You could do more in the fantasy suites than just have sex. I mean, we could play board games. We can hang out. You know, the little things. Finding out the little things about them is some of the most interesting things. Because you guys get to see like the big storylines on TV. I’m looking forward to just, like, what’s your favorite snack? What kind of dog do you like? Just like the little, everyday things that you guys really don’t care about.”

Colton has been through his fair share of relationship ups and downs with Becca Kufrin, 28, on The Bachelorette and Tia Booth, 27, on Bachelor In Paradise. However, he stresses that he’s totally ready to find love on The Bachelor. He wants to find the woman of his dreams. “Yeah, I definitely got the closure that I needed with Becca,” Colton says. “I’m still good friends with Garrett. Becca actually congratulated me after I got named. Same with Tia. Tia and I still continue to have a good friendship. We text here and there. And I’m so ready, I’m so excited to not only meet my fiance, my wife, but to the mother of my children and somebody who I want to spend the rest of my life with.” He also adds, “I feel like I was born to be a dad, so I’m really… I’m literally super excited for this.”

So, what’s he looking for in his future wife? “I need somebody who’s fun, spontaneous, outgoing. Appearance wise is sort of all across the board,” he says. “But I just need somebody who’s a good person. And somebody who could be a good mother.” The Bachelor season 23 will air in January 2019.

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