The Blast: Angelina Jolie wants to ‘punish’ Brad Pitt for ‘getting physical’ with Maddox

Over the weekend, someone sent me this link to a Portuguese-language article about Brad Pitt’s alleged “crisis manager.” The idea promoted in the article is that Brad hired crisis manager Matthew Hiltzik in 2016 and Hiltzik is the one responsible for the calculated and heavy-handed smear campaign against Angelina. While it is true that Brad hired Hiltzik in 2016, I don’t know if Hiltzik is still part of Team Pitt, nor do I believe that a professional crisis manager would mastermind a smear campaign that is *this* obvious and nonsensical. If Brad truly believes that the eventual deal will be 50-50 joint custody, then why the daily public smears on Angelina’s work, reputation and character? I just feel like there’s something else going on with Brad specifically. Anyway, here’s another smear:

Angelina Jolie is “out for blood” in her divorce from Brad Pitt and things have turned nasty simply because she does not like him anymore and knows the relationship is over. According to our sources, Jolie is “out for blood” in her battle for custody and support from Pitt. We’re told she wants to “embarrass and punish” him and she fights the subject with anyone around her that suggests that Brad is actually a good father who deserves to see his kids half the time.

We’re told part of Jolie’s shopping around town for a new attorney is because she wants to find a legal team that wants to fight. As The Blast first reported, Brad Pitt has tried to keep this battle private and believes Angelina Jolie’s decision to make things public is bad for the children.

People close to Jolie believe that while she is a champion for children and does so much for charity, it’s striking that she won’t listen to her confidantes when it comes to her own kids. When this all began, people around her agreed that Angelina had the high ground after Brad Pitt infamously overreacted while intoxicated several years ago and got physical with Maddox. But it has has been over two years and Brad has proven he isn’t an abusive father who should not be around his kids.

[From The Blast]

“Angelina had the high ground after Brad Pitt infamously overreacted while intoxicated several years ago and got physical with Maddox.” So that’s the narrative today, that Brad was absolutely drunk and he absolutely “got physical” with Maddox? Tomorrow the narrative from Team Pitt will be that he only “got physical” (aka “physically abused his minor child”) with Maddox because Angelina is such a difficult bitch who wants to destroy Brad. I also do not understand why Team Pitt’s messaging seems to be a big, blaring projection on his part: that Angelina is so mad about Brad being over her. Dude, SHE left YOU.

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