The Indian Wells tennis tournament was suddenly canceled because of coronavirus

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Two weeks ago, I was panicking about the coronavirus. Now I’m just…not? There’s nothing we can do. There aren’t enough tests to go around, and Trump’s CDC doesn’t even want to test people when there are tests available. People are panicking and buying up beans and toilet paper at every grocery store. There are ‘rona cases in nearly every state, although I don’t know how they know that because again, there aren’t enough tests. Donald Trump has utterly mishandled this surging pandemic, and he’s also mishandled the fundamental duty of our leaders to handle a panic/crisis. My not-so-medical advice is just to treat the ‘rona like a bad flu season and take care of yourself and your family the best you can. Get lots of sleep, hydrate, eat food with lots of garlic and ginger.

But of course, that’s not enough. People are still panicking, and for good reason. I guess I didn’t realize how bad it’s going to get this year with canceled public events, but here we are. The BNP Paribas Open, aka the Indian Wells tennis tournament, suddenly canceled last night. Qualifying rounds were due to start TODAY. The main draw matches were due to start on Wednesday. Most tennis players were already on-site in and around Palm Springs, California. Indian Wells is the second biggest American tennis tournament (after the US Open) and it’s often called “the fifth slam” for its size and importance. And it’s just… canceled.

The BNP Paribas Open in Southern California, one of the world’s leading tennis tournaments, will not be held this month because of the spreading coronavirus, making it one of the highest-profile sporting events canceled in the outbreak.

Organizers of the event, in the Riverside County community of Indian Wells, made the decision on the eve of its start on Monday after county officials declared a public health emergency when a case was confirmed in the area.

The tournament had previously announced Thursday that it would take various precautions in light of the virus, including having ball kids wear gloves and telling players not to handle pens or other items to autograph.

The decision came quickly and as a surprise to players, many of whom already were in Indian Wells preparing for the event. Many found out through social media on Sunday evening when the tournament announced the decision. The tournament has never been canceled before.

[From The NY Times]

This is… something. There was a conversation about whether or not the Monte Carlo and Rome tournaments would be cancelled, but they’re a few months away and no one knows what the ‘rona outbreak will look like then. I mean… I guess it’s a good call? Better safe than sorry?

As for other sporting events… the tennis tournament in Miami is still scheduled for two weeks from now. March Madness is still scheduled, although it’s possible that the college basketball games could happen without any fans. LeBron James said that if the NBA bans fans from attending games, he won’t play. AND IT IS AN OLYMPIC YEAR. I cannot stress this enough: if the ‘rona is still happening in two months’ time, almost everything – including the Olympics – will be canceled.

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