The loss of Prince Andrew’s HRH title is ‘likely merely a matter of time now’

Last weekend, there was a flurry of gossip about… Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. We heard that the widely-known and detailed reports of his serial infidelity were completely untrue (lol) and that the Queen and the palace were basically forcing Philip to spend time with his wife, which he does not want to do, in no uncertain terms. We also heard some curious reporting around the plans for the Duke’s 100th birthday, and that the celebrations around that milestone b-day will probably whitewash Prince Andrew out of the narrative of the royal family. Andrew stepped down from “royal duties” last year shortly after his utterly disgraceful BBC interview. While he doesn’t have the “income” of a full-time royal anymore, he does have everything else: his HRH style, his ducal title, his military awards and honors, his giant home (the Royal Lodge), and the Queen is still paying for his upkeep out of the Duchy of Lancaster funds. At least one royal commentator believes that Andrew could be losing his HRH style at some point soon though:

Andrew tried to tackle the [Jeffrey Epstein] criticism head-on in an interview with BBC Newsnight last November, but it was immediately dubbed a “car-crash”. Consequently, he was forced to step down from his public duties “for the foreseeable future” and stripped of his £250,000 salary in public funds. While he has retreated from the spotlight and was not even spotted in his daughter Princess Beatrice’s wedding photographs, he is thought to still have access to the Queen’s private funds, the Duchy of Lancaster.

The official website for the Royal Family also still refers to him as “His Royal Highness The Duke of York”, showing he has maintained use of his HRH despite no longer being a working member of the Firm. This has raised eyebrows within royal spheres.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were no longer allowed to use their HRH status once they decided to step down as working royals earlier this year — although they technically still have access to the regal titles. Princess Diana was stripped of her HRH following her divorce from Prince Charles in 1996, too.

However, Nigel Cawthorne, author of ‘Prince Andrew, Epstein and the Palace’, predicted that Andrew may lose access to his HRH soon. The commentator said Prince Philip’s difficult decision to reduce Andrew’s role in his 100th birthday celebrations next year suggests further obstacles may lie ahead of the Duke of York.

Mr Cawthorne said Philip is “extremely fond and very proud of his son”, but “knows that Andrew’s name is poison currently”. He continued: “The survival of the monarchy requires that Buckingham Palace backs away from his son.”

The commentator then added: “It is a poignant moment and the loss of Prince Andrew’s HRH title is highly likely merely a matter of time now.”

Indeed, many royal fans noticed Andrew’s HRH title was omitted from birthday messages on social media, sent by the Royal Family’s official account.

[From The Daily Express]

The time for Andrew to lose his HRH was when he stepped down from royal work last year. I mean, that’s what should have happened – the Queen should have been clear that this was punitive action, and he was being fired for cause, and that he wouldn’t be able to keep his HRH or his military honors. That was literally what they took from Prince Harry when Harry… you know, married a biracial American woman. So will Andrew eventually be stripped of his HRH? Maybe. But I feel like the Queen is going to keep her head in the sand about it until it becomes a larger conversation. Like, people inside and outside of the palaces were really hellbent on punishing Harry and Meghan. Does that same energy exist for punishing Andrew?

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