The Queen seemed especially grumpy on her fake birthday for Trooping the Colour

So much attention was on the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex during Trooping the Colour, for good reason, but I just wanted to highlight some of the other royal figures who attended the annual event. Let’s start with the Queen! After all, it is her fake-ass birthday we’re celebrating. The Queen wore a fairly ugly tweed Angela Kelly suit and a Mad Hatter-style hat. I get that not every suit or coat is a winner, but I feel like the Queen had much better choices in her closet! People also noted the Prince Philip was nowhere to be seen during Trooping the Colour – this is the second year in a row he’s missed it, but he’s retired from public life now, and I imagine this is exactly the kind of event he does NOT miss. But that did mean that the Queen rode in her carriage alone. Maybe she preferred that, who knows. I do know that she looked grumpy about the chaotic scenes on the balcony.

Prince William, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne all rode on horseback behind the Queen’s carriage, and they all wore their military uniforms. Anne looked particularly striking, and she seemed to take a position on the balcony right behind her mom. Whenever I worry that the Queen might get lonely without Philip by her side, I remember that she has Anne. Anne is probably such a comfort to her. The Duchess of Cornwall acted as a buffer between Kate and the Sussexes on the carriage ride, and then Camilla acted as a buffer between the Cambridges and the Queen on the balcony. Camilla’s bright green Bruce Oldfield suit is really cheap-looking, right?

Also in attendance: the York princesses, Beatrice and Eugenie. This was also the first Trooping for Eugenie’s husband, Jack Brooksbank. He was shoved to the back alongside the Sussexes. Jack is, in my opinion, better looking with his glasses. Beatrice’s dress is by Emilia Wickstead – it’s kind of blah, but I imagine that the detailing on the sleeves is quite pretty in person. Eugenie’s dress is Amanda Wakeley and I personally think she had the best look out of all the royal women (other than Anne).

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