The Video Of Jungkook’s "Euphoria" Piano Version For BTS FESTA Is A Slice Of Heaven

BTS ARMY, I know you’ve been preparing and fortifying your brain cells in preparation for Jungkook to drop his piano version of "Euphoria" so that you could have a productive day despite knowing your future wedding song now exists and is right there for you to stream until your ears fall off. But, I regret to inform you, no amount of preparation will have prepared you for what is about to bless your ears and eyes. The video of BTS’ Jungkook’s "Euphoria" piano version for FESTA is the most amazing gift. It’s the most beautiful, soft, swoon-worthy slice of heaven you will ever hear.

It seems like this piano version of "Euphoria" may have been in the works for a while, seeing as the song’s producer, DJ Swivel, may have teased it all the way back in February. On Feb. 1, the producer tweeted, "This ballad version of Euphoria is a treasure."

Immediately, ARMYs were like, "’Euphoria’ ballad version? Who’s that? I don’t know her…"

One fans asked Swivel if he could release the track since they hoped to one day have it as their wedding song, writing, "There is one? Is there any way you could release it @djswivel? I plan to dance to Euphoria at my wedding someday, a ballad version would be perfect ?"

He responded, revealing an ARMY wedding was actually what spurred his new, secret project. "That’s the only reason I made it, "he wrote. "One of the army sent me a video of someone having their first dance at their wedding to Euphoria. And I thought it looks awkward dancing slow to an EDM song. So I wanted to make a slow version just for fun."

Well, four months later, we’re getting the ballad version of "Euphoria" everyone’s been waiting for. It’s called the "Forever" mix, which is basically confirming it’s every ARMYs’ future wedding song!

Hearing Jungkook sing, "Take my hands now / You are the cause of my euphoria… Close the door now / When I’m with you, I’m in utopia," is like hearing an angel sing. It’s like a little slice of heaven.

So is the video that goes along with it.

Check out the song below and cry your eyes out (like I am currently).

More to come…

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