The Windsors Today: People Celebrates the Royal Family in New Special Edition

The royal family is getting younger.

With the arrival of a new generation, the British royals have become more open, accessible, and relatable over the last few years. People celebrates the modern Windsor household today with a special edition, The Story of The Royals: The Windsors Today.

The issue features photos of four generations of the British royals as you have never seen them before, from Prince William riding motorcycles to his kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte tumbling around in the grass, and the Queen herself sitting front row at London’s Fashion Week.

The 96-page special edition delves into how the Windsors became who they are, as well as explores what might have happened if key events—like the death of Princess Diana and the decision of the Queen’s uncle to give up his crown for love—had never occurred.

People also chronicles the royal family’s many official visits to the United States, and offers a preview of the upcoming ABC-People TV event, The Story of the Royals. The two-part documentary airs Aug. 22 and 23, and features friends and colleagues sharing their close encounters with members of the royal family.

Plus, a look at how new family addition Meghan Markle has already changed things up for the Windsors.

“There is a lot of work ahead of her, and it takes a really strong person to fill those shoes,” says Meghan’s longtime friend and makeup artist, Daniel Martin. “She’s really stoked about taking on the role and trying to make change happen.”

People’s new special edition, The Story of The Royals: The Windsors Today, is available on Amazon and wherever magazines are sold

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