Thomas Markle Says He Walked Meghan Down The Aisle During First Wedding, Denies Rumors That He’s A Pill Addict

Meghan Markle’s father is back at it again, this time giving an interview to clarify that all of the rumors about him are untrue.

Thomas Markle has given another interview, the latest in a series provided by the father of Duchess Meghan. Markle’s stated intent is to debunk two major rumors about him that have been circulating – the first, a claim that he was not present at Meghan’s first wedding, and the second, that he has a prescription painkiller addiction.

For Meghan’s father, the rumors apparently feel unfair. He said, “It’s not right that people should be allowed to make up lies and get away with it,” according to the Daily Mail.

The first item that’s been bothering Markle immensely is the media reporting on Meghan’s first wedding, saying that he was absent from the celebrations. It appears that the claims were based on photos from the event, from which Markle is noticeably absent.

However, Markle says, “I was very much there and there were more than 100 people there to witness it. Doria and I walked Meghan down the beach together.”

In perhaps an attempt to show some restraint, Markle added, “Of course I have photographs of Meghan and me at her first wedding but I choose not to share them because I think that would be in poor taste and offensive to Prince Harry.”

Additionally, Markle has clarified that he is not a drug or alcohol addict, and does not have a problem with prescription painkillers.

“I’ve taken drugs but never been addicted to them. You couldn’t move in Hollywood in the 1980s without seeing bowls of cocaine everywhere. But I don’t do drugs and I barely drink.”

Markle sharing more private information about his family and Meghan is likely to further chip away at the royal family’s patience.

Many people have condemned Markle for his actions, while others have pointed fingers at the royal family for not handling the situation properly. Some suggested that the family feud wouldn’t have escalated or started, had everyone been invited to the royal wedding including her half-siblings.

However, Meghan’s half-siblings, Samantha and Thomas Jr., have been anything but quiet or nice about their sister. From writing letters to the Queen to posting on Twitter and potentially entering the UK Big Brother house, the two are getting plenty of media attention.

Others, like Princess Diana’s ex-bodyguard, blame Prince Harry for his inaction. Ken Wharfe said that “Nobody’s looking after [Thomas]…. Harry could have done something about that.” And for those who are wondering how long this drama is going to last, Wharfe predicted that “The story will run until there’s an answer.”

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