Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith: It’s Over!

Just a few months ago, Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Their 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way story warmed the hearts of viewers who were happy to see a genuine love play out.

(Also, everybody loves Tiffany's wonderful son and it was endearing to see him and Ronald form a bond)

Now, both Tiffany and Ronald have taken to Instagram to announce their divorce.

In a series of now-deleted Instagram Stories, what starts as an amicable divorce announcement quickly devolves into a flurry of vicious allegations.

Take a look at what they each had to say, and how it all fell apart:


2.They appeared on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

3.Things were going well

4.However …

5.Family can take many forms

6.Not to mention …

7.Then …

8.Then, things got ugly

9.Tiffany fired back


11.Unfortunately, Ronald had more to say

12.His complaints continue

13.He continues to accuse her of being controlling

14.He also thinks that she's an attention hog

15.Yikes, yikes, yikes!

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