Tom Brady Appears To Yell 'Go F*** Yourself' At Saints Coach During Loss

The T in TB12 now stands for temper … ’cause Tom Brady completely lost his cool during a bad loss to the Saints on Sunday — appearing to tell New Orleans coach Dennis Allen to “go f*** yourself.”

It was anything but Brady’s night in Tampa Bay — the Bucs fell 9-0 in a blowout lost to New Orleans … and things came to a head when the 7-time Super Bowl champ threw an interception to C.J. Gardner-Johnson in the 4th quarter.

After the pick, many believe Brady ran over to Allen — who stepped up after HC Sean Payton tested positive for COVID-19 — and cussed him out.

The interaction was caught on video … and naturally, every amateur lipreader on social media came up with the same conclusion.

But, that wasn’t the only outburst of the night — Brady got so pissed later in the 4th quarter that he chucked his Microsoft Surface on the sideline … completely wrecking it in the process.

The frustrations have been piling on in recent years … as Tom can’t seem to figure out how to beat the Saints in the regular season since joining the Bucs.

After the game, Brady was asked about the exchange with Allen … which he referred to as a football moment.

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