Trent Reznor Planning On Working On Nine Inch Nails Album After Scores

Nine Inch NailsTrent Reznor has revealed that the band will work on a new album after finishing scoring the HBO series “Watchmen” and the DisneyPixar animated movie Soul.

“Right now, we are finishing up Watchmen, and we’re working on the Pixar film that we are doing. And we have plans for Nine Inch Nails stuff, but we haven’t got down to doing it because literally every minute of the day for the last several months has working on score stuff. But the plan is to do stuff, yes,” Reznor told Rolling Stone.

Since last year, Reznor and bandmate Atticus Ross have scored music for the films Mid90s, Bird Box and Waves. The band’s last album was Bad Witch, which dropped on June 22, 2018.

In the interview, Reznor also shed light on working with Pixar for an animated film. He also said that the process of making films was more important to him than the end result.

“What I found in my own life is that by taking on these scoring projects, for us, it’s not, ‘How’d it do at the box office?’ or ‘What was the Rotten Tomatoes score?'” Reznor said.

He added, “It’s nice if it does well. But being in the trenches, collaborating with someone new, learning from them, fighting with them, figuring out their process — that’s the exciting stuff, especially when it’s someone you resonate with.”

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