Trouble in Paradise? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Reportedly Have Big Fight Over Family Drama

However, the family feud apparently is not the only thing that rips them apart as trivial things reportedly get to Meghan as well.

It seems like the ongoing family drama surrounding Meghan Markle and her estranged family starts to take a toll on her marriage to Prince Harry. The royal couple has been married for three months now but it is reported that there is a high tension between them which leads to a big fight.

“After weeks of embarassment over her family drama, she finally snapped and channeled her frustration into their first row,” a source tells OK! (via about the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex. “Meghan crying about how trapped she feels by royal rules and Harry venting abut how mortifying it’s been for him to deal with her family’s constant publicity-grubbing.”

However, the family feud apparently is not the only thing that rips them apart. Trivial things like Harry’s “man cave” reportedly gets to Meghan, who hates it. His bachelor pad is pretty standard. It has Xboxes, sports memorabilia, beer fridges, a giant movie screen and electronic massage chairs.

“In the early days, Meghan kept quiet about how much she hated the laddishness and tastelessness of it all,” adds the source. “Meghan hoped to get ride of Harry’s man cave and give their home a classy makeover. Harry is complaining about being a henpecked husband already.”

The fight allegedly was so bad that Meghan “decided that flying to Toronto to see her old friends would be just the thing to clear her head,” according the source. “Meghan hopes that a few days apart from Harry will help simmer their tensions, but it seems like the honeymoon phase is over.”

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