Twitter Responds To Melania Trump’s ‘Bullied’ Comment On Michelle Obama’s Behalf!

Now it all makes sense.

Today we learned why Melania Trump would want to tackle online bullying as her First Lady platform — she thinks she’s one of the most bullied people in the world! Seriously!

Man, how self-centered can you be to not notice the massive amounts of racism, sexism, and body shaming on the Internet that isn’t directed at you? Doesn’t she follow Donald Trump on Twitter? 

We mean, Melania isn’t even the most bullied FLOTUS!

Of course Michelle Obama didn’t respond to that nonsense. She was too busy announcing the Global Girls Alliance, an initiative to help support education for adolescent girls around the world.

But the many Twitter users who still remember the eight years of body shaming, looks shaming, racism, dehumanization, etc. that Michelle faced every day?

Yeah, they had something to say:

Oh, this is what Michelle is doing instead of whining about it though…

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