Watch: 50 Cent and Michael Blackson End Feud as Actor Pays Off Debt at Walk of Fame Ceremony

Before posing for some photos together at the ‘Candy Shop’ rapper’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, the comedian takes out his money and gives it to the former.

AceShowbiz50 Cent had one more thing to celebrate beside receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday, January 30. During the ceremony, the “Candy Shop” rapper was able to end his feud with Michael Blackson who previously owed him money.

In a video shared on the Ghana native’s account, Michael bumped into Fiddy at the ceremony. He could be seen telling Fiddy over the fence, “I got the money, Fif. I’m bringing the money.” He then joined the group and posed for some photos together with the “Power” creator and star after he took out a bunch of cash and gave it to Fiddy.

“Hold up. For your record I’m gonna pay him the money I owe him,” he told reporters. “I’m paying 50 Cent money I owe him! I no longer owe 50 Cent. I don’t owe you no more! My debt is paid!” Fiddy, on the other hand, could only laugh before sharing a hug with Michael.

Fiddy also declared the end of their feud on his own account. Sharing several photos of them together during the ceremony, he wrote in the caption, “Me and @michaelblackson chilling he finally gave me my Money Back. Now we all Good for Tycoon in Dallas it lit.”

Fiddy and Michael’s feud took place around August and September last year, when the latter failed to pay off the money he owed the rapper. It was so intense that Fiddy even sent an enforcer to collect money from the comedian. In an Instagram clip Fiddy shared on his account, Michael was seen enjoying a dinner out with some friends when a menacing figure cut through their lovely evening.

Michael tried to send him away by saying, “I ain’t got it.” However, his plan failed because the man didn’t crack a smile a little bit and dragged him from his seat to discuss the matter in private.

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