Wendy Williams Brags About 2 Celeb Dates After Filing For Divorce From Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams isn’t wasting any time getting back out there after filing for divorce from Kevin Hunter. The host revealed on April 17 that her phone has been ringing off the hook with date requests! Now, she’s got a ‘double date’ with 2 men and you may know them…

Wendy Williams, 54, says her social calendar is filling up fast! And, coincidentally, the calls — which are mostly from men — are coming in hot ever since she filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter, 46, on April 11. Now, she has two dinner dates planned with DJ Boof, the official MC on her talk show, and, Breakfast Club radio host, Charlamagne Tha God, 40! Let’s also throw it out there that Wendy locked down two dates in just one night, and she explained how it happened on her show, April 17.

“The invitations for social events just keep pouring into my phone,” she began telling her studio audience on Wednesday. “I was minding my own business last night, just reading my book. All of a sudden my cell phone rings and it’s DJ Boof asking me out for dinner! And, just at that time, I get a knock at my door and my food was delivered. So, I’m like, ‘Boof or food? Or both!”, Wendy said, laughing. “So, I set up my meal while I told Boof, ‘I’ll see you over the weekend. Pick me up on time.’” Mind you, Boof is standing just a few feet away from Wendy while she’s telling the story because he works on the show!

After Boof’s call, Wendy went back to reading her book, when the phone rang for a second time. “No, it wasn’t Boof! It was Charlamagne [Tha God]!”, she revealed, before the audience began cheering and chanting her name in praise. “Charlamagne wanted to take me for dinner!”, she continued. “So, he says the night and he says the time and I said, ‘I can’t go, I’m going out with Boof for dinner.’”

Wendy continued: “So, Charlamagne says, ‘I know Boof. Why don’t we both take you out? I said, ‘Look, I’m reading and I have my food here. Why don’t you call Boof, and set it up’… So, now I have a double date!” Wendy then looked over at Boof, who was clearly blushing, to confirm if Charlamagne had called him to plan the outing. With his head buried behind his computer, Boof nodded his head ‘yes,’ to reveal that he did indeed receive the call.

Wendy also admitted that her phone rang for a third time. This time, it was TV host, Bevy Smith on the other end. “She was calling on behalf of Andre Leon Talley and the fabulous Sandra Bernhard and they invited me to a ball!”, she explained. Wendy didn’t reveal what the event was exactly for, but she did hint that it will take place in May, and her glam squad will be joining her.

Clearly, Wendy was playful when talking about her upcoming dinner outings with Boof and Charlamagne. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t happen! As mentioned above, Wendy and Boof already have a friendship because he DJs on her show. And, she’s known Charlamagne for years because they’ve worked together in the past. In 2006, the two had a short-lived project when they starred in The Wendy Williams Experience on VH1 — a special that chronicled the two co-hosting their radio show.

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