Wendy Williams: ‘RHOA’ Should Bring Back Phaedra To Hash Out Feud With Kandi

Wendy Williams is all for Bravo bringing back Phaedra Parks to the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ franchise, despite Kandi Burruss claiming she’d want to quit it that were to happen. She thinks they need to ‘get into it’ like ‘grown women.’

Wendy Williams, 54, thinks Kandi Burruss, 42, and Phaedra Parks, 45, need to work out their differences as cast members of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Fans of the show will know that Phaedra was a  regular cast member from season three [2010] until season nine [2016/17], when she was let go. Wendy weighed in on the drama after Kandi — who joins the show in its second season (she’s currently on the show) — said during a recent interview that she would want to leave the RHOA if Bravo were to add Phaedra to the show, again. As you may recall, Kandi and Phaedra’s ongoing feud hit a toxic level when Kandi accused Phaedra of claiming she had a “sex dungeon” inside her home with husband, Todd Tucker.

Here’s what Wendy had to say: “So, you’re saying you’re going to quit [Kandi, if Phaedra comes back], then we’re going to hold you to it,” she told her studio audience on May 1. “I don’t think she should quit. I think they should bring Phaedra back and have her and Kandi get into it right there. I’m a grown woman. And, I don’t mean fighting and violence. I mean words of intelligence, as to [Phaedra], why you would say that? Because, that is painting her [Kandi] as a particular person, although, if they have a sex dungeon with their husband, that just makes them fun.”

Wendy went on to add that Kandi “shouldn’t be that offended,” by the situation, because, “It’s not like she was saying that you have a sex dungeon as a single woman. — It’s you and Todd!” Wendy also said she thinks that Kandi’s admission about potentially leaving the show if Phaedra were to return is a bit much. “I think that was a lot for Kandi to say,” Wendy admitted. “But, I think she’d be fine without the Housewives because she’s a smart business woman. I like her. But, I think she should stay on the show. Bravo, don’t let Kandi boss you around. Kandi, use this drama to make even more money,” she continued.

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