Wendy Williams Slams Younes Bendjima After He’s Sued For Alleged Coachella Attack: He’s Got Anger Issues

Wendy Williams is not a fan of Younes Bendjima! She tore him apart after news that he’s being sued for allegedly attacking a security guard at Coachella back in April! She claims he has ‘problems with anger,’ and she said called him a ‘big doofus!’

Wendy Williams, 54, unleashed on a slew of harsh disses on Younes Bendjima, 25, during her show on September 10! After filling in her audience about the alleged attack he launched on a security guard at Coachella back in April, Wendy tore into the model. “He’s good for what he’s good for… He’s doing all the things that a big doofus would do; Not so smart, really good looking,” she began.

Younes is currently being sued by a man named, Mario Herrera, a security guard at Coachella, after Younes allegedly tried to accompany his then-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, 39, into a restroom at the 2018 festival. Herrera claimed that he told Younes he was not allowed to go into the single-gender bathroom facility with Kourtney. Herrera alleges that an angry Younes became lifted him up and slammed him against a wall, while yelling expletives at him. Herrera also alleged that his injuries were so bad that he had to be treated at a hospital.

After explaining the lawsuit, Wendy said, “It just seems like Younes has problems with anger… He’s got anger issues, he’s not so bright, he’s nice looking but (no)… Hit it and quit it.” She later compared Younes to “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks, calling on “all those rich girls out there,” such as “Paris Hilton-type girls,” to be on the look-out Younes.”

It’s unclear what exactly Wendy meant, however, she explained that Meeks linked himself to a young rich woman, (Chloe Green), and became a known figure in Hollywood. “He calls himself a model… We didn’t even know who Younes was but now he’s a bonafide celebrity because he dealt with the Kardashians,” Wendy added.

As you may know, Kourtney and her ex Younes Bendjima split after two years of dating in late July, although their breakup went public on August 7. However, the exes were spotted out together, following their split, outside Bui sushi restaurant in Malibu on September 3. But, Kourt’s recently been linked to 20-year-old model, Lukas Sabbat, who she’s been spending a ton of time with.

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