What’s in Martha Stewart’s comically huge tote bag?

Enormous totes: they’re a good thing.


Martha Stewart, 77, took to social media on Tuesday to show off her latest accessory: a truly gigantic tote bag.

According to the caption, Stewart’s bag, aptly named the “Heavy-Duty XL Tote,” is actually part of her new QVC collection. The tote can be used both in the garden and in the house, with a carrying capacity up to 47 gallons (or 930 pounds). It comes in black, slate and “Martha mint,” and retails for $43.56 for a set of three.

In another Instagram post, the homemaker par excellence demonstrates the wide variety of items these bags can carry, from bales of hay to sports gear — and even, as she demonstrated on her QVC segment, an entire adult woman.

No word, however, on whether Stewart totes around her many pampered pets in her bag.

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