White Castle Is Offering Free Sliders On International Bacon Day, But There’s A Catch

Attention all bacon-lovers (aka the most sensible people inhabiting this otherwise cruel and unforgiving planet): You may or may not have already heard that the world’s greatest holiday, International Bacon Day, is coming up incredibly soon on Saturday, Sept. 1. So, as you would probably imagine, dining establishments that sear the salty breakfast meat are throwing down like no other with some super sick deals. For example, White Castle is offering free sliders on International Bacon Day, and I couldn’t be more excited. But before you go, keep in mind that there’s a major catch, and it involves having a uniquely fitting name.

In honor of International Bacon Day on Sept. 1, White Castle is celebrating by treating select customers to a free Bacon Threesome, according to a press release. Not everyone, however, can get in on this deal. Only individuals who have the word "bacon" in their name or on their ID will be awarded a free sandwich. Whether "bacon" appears in your name, street address, or hometown, any and all customers with "bacon" plastered somewhere on their ID will be treated to a free $3 Bacon Threesome. In addition to your ID, make sure you show the corresponding International Bacon Day coupon, which you’ll be able to find on the brand’s social media pages prior to the holiday. Getting your hands on a free one is simple — you just need that magic word to qualify.

In a press release, Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle, said the brans is super proud to show its love for bacon, which is why White Castle choosing to treat those who "live with bacon everyday," to a free sandwich. I respect it, love it, and I’ve honestly never wanted to hail from Bacon, Indiana so badly in my entire life.

In the press release, Richardson said:

The $3 Bacon Threesome hails from White Castle’s new $3 value meal, and it comes with three choices of bacon-loaded sliders, a side, and a small drink, according to a press release. Combo options include the Bacon Classic 3, which comes with a Bacon Cheese Slider, small french fries, and a small soft drink. The Bacon Breakfast 3 comes with a Bacon Breakfast Slider with egg and cheese, small Hash Brown Nibblers, and a small coffee. Finally, the Bacon Waffle 3 comes with a Bacon Belgian Waffle Slider with egg and cheese, small Hash Brown Nibblers, and a small coffee. Even if your name, street, or hometown doesn’t include "bacon," you should just go for one of these options anyway. I mean, these offerings sound salty, magical, and like everything I could ever want.

In the realm of important holidays, celebrating International Bacon Day is vital. If any component of your ID includes "bacon," I highly recommend taking advantage of that at White Castle, and if not, you can still go out and celebrate. Why not try a $3 Bacon Threesome? I know money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy bacon, and heck, that’s close enough.

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