Why Mourinho’s excuse for fans leaving Tottenham defeat early doesn’t add up

Monday was the night that the problems at Manchester United ramped up to reach full-on crisis mode.

Jose Mourinho’s side collapsed in the second half as they lost 3-0 to Tottenham at Old Trafford, with Harry Kane’s header and Lucas Moura’s brace condemning the Red Devils to their second defeat of the season just three games in.

The United boss was left grasping for answers at the full-time whistle, and when he entered his post-match press conference he was in a fiery mood .

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Mourinho demanded that he be shown more respect by the press because of the three Premier League titles he’s won, and said that the backing of United’s supporters are proof that he still has trust of the club.

“Do you know what was the result?” said an enraged Mourinho. “3-0. Do you know what this means, 3-0?

“It also means three Premierships – and I won more Premier Leagues alone than the other 19 managers together.

“Three for me and two for them. So respect man, respect, respect.”

The United boss was seen applauding the supporters on the pitch before he went down the tunnel after the game, but it was impossible not to notice that many of the fans had already left the ground at that point.

"Today I had the proof the best judge in football are the supporters," he said at his press conference, before it was put to him that many walked out by a reporter.

His response?

"I would do the same, losing 3-0, taking two hours from here to the centre of Manchester I would do the same, so keep trying."

That doesn’t quite add up though.

A simple search on Google Maps shows that to walk from Old Trafford to the coach station at India House right in the centre of the city would take just over one hour, and that is set for the slowest of walkers.

You’re much more likely to do it in about 45 minutes or less if you’re walking, as this reaction on Twitter suggested.

Although post-match traffic around the ground could be to blame, it’s still nowhere close enough to the two hours Mourinho seems to think it is.

Has he been going the wrong way all this time?

His team certainly seem to be right now.

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