Will Clare Crawley & Dale Moss Get Engaged Again? Here’s A Reported Update

So, the paparazzi pictures and videos of them canoodling across America make it clear something is definitely up with them, but will Clare Crawley and Dale Moss get engaged again? Based on reported sources, they probs aren’t. In fact, one source who reportedly spoke to E! News on March 18 said they straight-up "are not back together."

According to the reported source, it’s Moss who’s apparently not willing to commit. But Crawley is reportedly not phased. "She is in love with him and can’t deny it. She knows Dale will never commit to her at this point. Clare’s friends are worried she will get her heart broken again," the source reportedly explained after noting Crawley apparently "knows it’s a dead-end road, but she’s having fun."

Sticking around with a guy who refuses to commit to you because you’re too into him to care? TBH, I’ve never related to a celebrity more.

If it wasn’t clear based on all the above, the two are reportedly definitely not engaged. “Clare and Dale are dating again, they’re working on things in their relationship,” a source reportedly told Us Weekly on March 17. “Nothing has been made official with regards to an engagement, they’re enjoying their time together and taking things as they come. “


ICYMI: Crawley and Moss first sparked reconciliation rumors on Feb. 16 when both TMZ and Reality Steve released footage of the exes reportedly together in Florida. Since then, they’ve been popping up in the backgrounds of each other’s Instagram posts and, more recently, getting photographed by paparazzi kissing with their masks on in NYC.

"They are hanging out and having fun for now," the E! News reportedly explained. "They agreed it’s less pressure on both of them if they don’t label their relationship. Clare made plans to visit him in NYC and spend time with him there after their recent weekend in Florida."

A second source reportedly echoed a similar sentiment to E! News on March 18. "Dale and Clare are taking things slowly and seeing where their relationship goes day by day," they reportedly shared. "They are not back together officially, but working on things."


Apparently, the spotlight is much to blame for their relationship originally crumbling. "They are realizing that all the attention and stress after the show only hurt their relationship," the second source reportedly noted. "It’s hard for any new relationship to work, but then throw in all the areas that come with everyone watching you at all times."

“They are now just starting to really understand all the difficulties a public relationship can create, and they want to make sure they are giving their relationship the opportunity it deserves without all stress and anxiety that followed after the show,” another source who reportedly spoke to Us Weekly noted, adding that the pair are “supporting one another”

"Dale and Clare love and respect one another," the second E! News source reportedly stated. "They always will, and know that their relationship deserves that respect. They are working on things, enjoying spending time together and are seeing where things go."

Here’s to hoping they’re doing whatever works for them.

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