Will Tiffany Trump Be On Lindsay Lohan’s New Reality Show? — The Two Party As Series Films

Is Tiffany Trump following into the family business…of reality television? Donald Trump’s youngest daughter may wind up on Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming MTV show!

It’s hard to believe that Donald Trump, 71, was once just known for being on The Apprentice. Such innocent times. Well, seems there’s a chance that Tiffany Trump, 24, could also be a breakout reality television star. Donald’s youngest daughter was spotted hanging out with Lindsay Lohan, 32, in Mykonos, Greece, according to Page Six. That’s where Lindsay launched her Lindsay Beach house, and there’s speculation that Tiffany could appear on Lindsay’s upcoming MTV reality television show (reportedly brought to us by Bunim/Murray Productions, the minds that unleashed Keeping Up With the Kardashians onto the world.)

Tiffany has been on vacation from Georgetown Law School with her fashion designer pal, Andrew Warren, according to Page Six. She’s been in the country since the end of July, attending a benefit with Lindsay for victims of the country’s wildfires. While Tiffany’s father is known for his Twitter addiction, some social media posts of Lindsay and Tiffany taken over the past few days have been deleted – leading some to speculate that maybe Tiffany doesn’t want her dad to find out what she’s doing. Lindsay didn’t really help that when she tagged Donald in a July 27 post that showed Tiffany in an almost too-tight black dress (while Lindsay rocked a scorching hot red number.)

So much for “What happens in Mykonos, stays in Mykonos.” Prior to her trip to Greece, Tiffany made time for some mother-daughter bonding, as she and Marla Maples hit London for a night out. The two seemed unfazed with the drama that Donald has caused. It’s good to know someone’s living their best life, even while Donald runs amuck online.

While Tiffany may appear on Lindsay’s new show, don’t expect Paris Hilton to guest star anytime soon. Paris has been gunning for Lindsay in the press, calling her former friend a “pathological liar,” and asking people to prove her wrong. Paris tripled-down on the shade when asked about Lindsay’s new show. “There’s nothing like the original,” Paris said, citing her Simple Life show, the precursor to all the celebrity-based reality programming clogging the airwaves. When asked what Lindsay could do to make her show a success, Paris just had one word to say: “Stop.” Yikes.

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