WWE Fan Threatens To Shoot Himself In Head At WWE Raw — See Heartbreaking Tweet

A man who claims to have brought a firearm into a WWE Raw event threatened to kill himself at the event in a tweet. Here’s what we know.

A WWE fan threatened to commit suicide at a WWE Raw event in Toronto on Monday evening after claiming he had snuck in a firearm into the show’s arena. Before his Twitter page was removed, a man by the name Jason Sensation tweeted, “I got my gun through security & will shoot myself in the head & kill myself during tonight’s #RAW in Toronto. Don’t ya dare miss it!!! Thanks for the memories @WWE”. In his previous Twitter bio, Jason mentioned that he was battling with depression, according to TMZ.

Jason had been previously associated with the WWE — in fact, back in the ’90s he parodied the wrestler Owen Hart in a comedy sketch (pictured above). Apparently, he was pretty talented with his imitation skills. According to a new report, Jason has since apologized for his tweet. While the Toronto Police Department is currently investigating the matter, there is reportedly no plan in place to evacuate the arena in the wake of Jason’s tweet.

Since claiming he’d end his life at WWE Raw, several members of the wrestling community have reached out to Jason. Former WWE writer Vince Russo asked Jason if he was kidding about his plot. He tweeted at Jason, “Brother, I hope you’re kidding. Just tried calling and texting. Please, man — you have an army of people out here that care for you. Please.” Another report has surfaced claiming that Jason allegedly told Vince that he was apparently only joking with his tweet. With several reports still coming in about the veracity Jason’s threats to shoot himself in the head, we’ll keep you posted as we learn more details about this ongoing situation.

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