YouTubers Joel Woods and Lia Hatzakis issue apology for ‘racist’ video

YouTube vlogging duo Joel Woods and Lia Hatzakis have apologised after they were accused of racism for a video they posted titled ‘Which areas in London are dangerous?’

The pair, whose channel Being British has 132,000 subscribers, had claimed that certain areas of the capital make them feel unsafe – all of which have a higher percentage of ethnic minorities.

Areas they targeted included Lewisham, New Cross, Whitechapel and Finsbury Park.

The pair joked that they would be robbed of their Macbooks and stated that people in headscarves "are just normal people".

They later deleted the video after it was met with a huge backlash from people who accused it of being racist.

After facing even more criticism for quietly removing the video without addressing it, they finally released a statement on Tuesday.

Writing on Twitter, the pair said: "As some of you may be aware, we posted a video about a month ago titled ‘Which areas of London are dangerous?’ after many of our viewers requested it.

"Yesterday it was brought to our attention that this was highly inappropriate as many of the places we mentioned have high BME percentages. We are so sorry for any offence that it has caused. "

They continued: "It truly wasn’t our intention at all and we knot that on this occasion we got it wrong. We have let our followers down. We will work harder on providing more educated opinions in the future."

After seeing the video, one Twitter user said: "YouTubers @JoelandLia uploaded a video and tweeted it out that labeled many racialized and low-income neighborhoods as ‘dangerous’.

"They deleted the tweet and the video, but will they be accountable and apologize for the racist and classist dog-whistle rhetoric that they used?"

Another said they were waiting for an apology after they quietly deleted the video, writing: "Deleting racist stuff doesn’t make being racist go away. U gonna respond or what?"

A third shared: "They deleted the tweet, but it was about ‘the most dangerous places to live in london’ and they picked places with high BMEs and were using coded language throughout the whole video. just be racist with ur chest @JoelandLia."

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