Zac Efron Warns That We Should ‘Really Pay Attention’ To Our Friends ‘In A World Where We Sw

Things got dark real quick when Zac Efron shared this piece of advice…

While promoting his new film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile at the Tribeca Film Festival in which he stars as serial killer Ted Bundy, the 31-year-old heeded a warning about friendships, and it’s pretty accurate!

The actor shared with Entertainment Tonight to be more cautionary about who you’re spending time with:

“In a world where we swipe left and swipe right and you meet people, friends come and go, you really should pay attention to who you’re with. I learned this the hard way. And hopefully nobody else has to.”


It’s possible that he could be referring to a love interest or possibly falling out with friends, but maybe it’s referring to what he learned while having to play a serial killer!

The new film, which premieres on Netflix Friay, has already received positive feedback for Efron’s portrayal of one of the most chilling criminals of our time. But he’s not paying much attention to the reviews:

“I think it’s always nice to be acknowledged for any performance. I don’t really read reviews or anything like that, I’m very happy what Joe Berlinger and I set out to do, which was to make a movie about something that happened in real life that wowed the world.”

This new movie is a far cry from the days of Troy Bolton in High School Musical, and we’re excited to see how he’s grown in his craft to tell a more serious story! But one thing he and the director wanted to make sure was that they tell Bundy’s story while making sure “not to celebrate the man… or his horrific acts.”

While he’s looking forward, his former flame and costar Vanessa Hudgens recently took us on a stroll down memory lane in an interview on The Hollywood Reporter‘s Awards Chatter podcast:

“It was this massive phenomenon and eyes were on me. And it’s just a really weird foreign thing to go through, and by being in a relationship, I feel like it kind of kept me stabilized and grounded, and I had someone to lean on who was going through it as well.”

It’s been almost a decade since Zanessa called it quits, but we won’t lie and say we don’t miss them!!

Who do you think Zac is alluding to in his advice, Perezcious readers? Sound off (below) with your thoughts!!

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