8 Drops You Don't Want to Miss This Week

With another week upon us, we have yet another installment of our product drops series. Leading the list is the second drop from Supreme‘s Fall/Winter 2020 collection and Palace‘s Fall 2020 Week 5 drop with a Looney Tunes capsule.

Accompanying its Week 2 release, Supreme has readied its latest team-up with longtime collaborator Nike. Once again reimagining some of the sportswear giant’s garments, the Nike x Supreme FW20 collection consists of a Reversible Anorak, Soccer Jersey, Crewneck, Reversible Pants and Sweatshorts.

Other standout collaborations include Anti Social Social Club and BAPE‘s third team-up, mastermind JAPAN and Mitchell & Ness‘ Summer 2020 capsule and the adidas by Pharrell Williams Premium Essentials basics line. To round up this week’s drops other standouts include Praying‘s Pre-Fall 2020 offerings, Mount Sunny‘s “Return to YOU” collection and BBC ICE CREAM‘s Fall 2020 collection.

BBC ICE CREAM Fall 2020 Collection

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Bbc Ice Cream

Billionaire Boys Club skate-centric sub-label ICE CREAM has returned with its Fall 2020 collection defined by its signature graphic embellishment.

The familiar seasonal range features classic all-over patterns, including ICE CREAM’s patchwork bandana and “Money Rolls” prints, accompanied by patchwork flannels and jeans. Understated pieces include chenille ICE CREAM branded satin varsity jackets and logo-laden sweatpants, along with statement shirts and loose-cut trousers. Rounding up the selection is a selection of bold headwear that continues the eye-catching ethos.

When: Now

Mount Sunny “Return to YOU” Collection

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Mount Sunny

The Phoenix Wellness Center and Mount Sunny recently released their latest range of offerings, titled “Return to YOU.”

The new collection marks Mount Sunny’s first full release entirely dyed and printed in-house with cotton fibers grown in Texas and knit in North Carolina. Further investigating the relationship between plant medicine and clothing, the showcase is led by a 7 oz organic cotton french terry “Meditation Suit,” graphic T-shirts and socks naturally dyed in ingredients like madder root, indigo, and turmeric. Rooted in traditional Eastern medicine, it is interesting to note the dyeing process is infused with a blend of adaptogens and herbs found in Mount Sunny’s “Body Balancing Blend” range of herbal supplements.

When: Now
Where: Mount Sunny

mastermind JAPAN x Mitchell & Ness Summer 2020 Collaboration

Mastermind Japan

Continuing to deliver collaborations, mastermind JAPAN has now teamed up with Mitchell & Ness on a retro-indebted capsule marked by a focus on black and bold logos.

The special range is comprised of a timeless varsity jacket, hoodie, Swingman jersey, T-shirt shorts and cap done in monochrome black and white. mastermind branding, decorated with skull logos and the occasional D-ring accent. An additional detail found throughout is a separate tag that notes the collaborative effort. Mitchell & Ness’ script logo also serves to round up the design of each item found in the capsule.

When: Now
Where: mastermind JAPAN

adidas by Pharrell Williams Premium Essentials

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Shortly after being unveiled, adidas by Pharrell Williams‘ new basics line of premium essentials has now arrived.

The range of hoodies, sweaters, T-shirts shorts, sweatpants and slides are centered around vibrant pop colors. Each garment is crafted from softly-textured heavyweight cotton with relaxed cuts. Marking the pieces are “HUMAN RACE” and adidas’ Trefoil logos subtly embroidered across each piece. Rounding off the release is slide style that comes with an essential BOOST sole and breathable mesh uppers for optimal comfort and support.

When: Now
Where: LN-CC

Praying Pre-Fall 2020 Collection

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Moving along, Los Angeles/New York-based label Praying is now back with its Pre-Fall 2020 offerings.

Continuing to build on its post-Internet aesthetic, inspirations for the drop come from 18th-century writer Samuel Johnson, the 1970s war epic ‘Deerhunter’ subtle pop-culture references. Leading the set are new renditions of brand staples the Slightly Fatter NY/LA cap, workwear-inspired denim and a midweight 3D embroidered fleece. Other standouts include the vintage cream-toned  “Father Figure” knit polo with a three-button placket and contrasting trim details, along with the “Beast” Nylon Bag featuring an iconic Samuel Johnson quote.

When: Now
Where: Praying

Supreme FW20 Week 2 Drop

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Supreme31 of 31


Following a brief break, Supreme has now returned to reveal its latest Nike collaboration to accompany this week’s Fall/Winter 2020 Week 2 Drop.

The Nike x Supreme FW20 collection consists of a Reversible Anorak, Soccer Jersey, Crewneck, Reversible Pants and Sweatshorts all made exclusively for Supreme. Leading the special range is the Reversible Anorak and Pant which features transparent nylon ripstop with a nylon Taslan reverse side and introduces the three colorways of the collab. The Crewneck and matching Sweatshorts are constructed of cotton fleece marked with tackle twill and jewel appliqué logo patches. Continuing the tackle twill and jewel appliqué is the set of Dri-FIT® poly Soccer Jerseys decorated with an array of vertical stripes.

The accompany Week 2 Drop is led by Marble Track Jacket and matching Track Pants, Houndstooth Logos Snap Front Jacket, Big S Hooded Sweatshirt, and S Logo Hooded Sweatshirt and matching Sweatpants. Other standouts include the Fuck Sweater, Dyed Basketball Jersey and matching Shorts, Receipts Rayon Shortsleeve Shirt and Street Scene Jacquard Shortsleeve Top. Headwear options come in the form of the Military Camp Cap, Blimp Mesh Back 5-Panel, Logo Pattern 6-Panel and Paneled Seam Beanie. While this week’s boldly branded accessories include the Metal Folding Chair coming in two powder-coated color options and box logo marked Pewter Mini Flask.

When: September 3, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan Release September 5, 11 a.m. JST
Where: Supreme Online

Anti Social Social Club x BAPE Second Fall 2020 Collection

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Coming together once again, Anti Social Social Club and BAPE recently announced their third collaborative collection in celebration of Los Angeles and Tokyo. The third offering is filled with ASSC’s signature text graphics and BAPE’s iconic FIRST CAMO pattern.

Three camo color palettes are utilized on hooded sweatshirts and T-shirts, with ASSC’s signature wavy logo motif appearing on the front and back. The larger back prints are mixed with Katakana character for more Japanese flair, which is continued on the hooded sweatshirts. Rounding up the mix is a more subtle camo focused ABC “box logo” T-shirt which comes in the same color palettes.

When: September 4
Where: Anti Social Social Club

Palace Skateboards Fall 2020 Week 5 Drop

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Palace Skateboards

Following the release of its Week 4 drop, Palace has now prepped another diverse drop from its Fall 2020 collection. Making this week special, this week, the uniquely British streetwear label has readied a Looney Tunes capsule. The unexpected collaboration with the Warner Bros. animated comedy series features a chambray shirt, T-shirts, jeans and caps embroidery of Tweety and Sylvester the Cat.

Leading the accompanying fifth release is the lightweight shell option the Cell Net Jacket, Velaxation Top and matching Joggers, Palace Champione Hoodie and Palazzo Crewneck Sweater. Adding to its “Basically a” line, Palace has also put together its Basically a Hood marked with simple logos in seven colorways. Rounding up the latest selection is the Dat Strip T-shirt, Sheppard 6-Panel and Strap 6-Panel.

When: September 4, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan/China Release September 5, 11 a.m. JST/CST
Where: Palace
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