Aldi fans swear this £3.49 night cream has their skin ‘plump and glowing in the morning’

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If you want to wake up with glowing skin, it’s down to the products you put on before you go to bed. And Aldi has a budget-friendly night cream for just £3.49 that shoppers swear leaves their skin “plump and glowing in the morning”.

Buy: Aldi (£3.49)

The Lacura Rejuvelate Night Cream has been formulated to hydrate and firm the skin while you’re sleeping in order to lessen the visible signs of ageing. Using a cream of this nature before you go to sleep will help you wake up looking refreshed and renewed, with a distinct glow.

Although the price is low at just £3.49, Aldi shoppers said this cream is a great alternative to more expensive options on the market. One said it’s a “brilliant product. Gives excellent moisturisation without being greasy at a truly amazing price.

Buy: Aldi (£3.49)

“I have used this product for many years, have used far more expensive creams and always come back to Lacura Rejuvenate!”

Another said although they were sceptical of Aldi skincare at first, the products won them over. They said: “I have been completely won over to the Aldi skincare range.

“It is excellent value, sinks into your skin very quickly making it moisturised and hydrated.”

Buy: Aldi (£3.49)

A few of the reviewers are long time users of this night cream and have been able to reap the benefits over time. One said: “I’ve been using this cream for around two and a half years now and I just love it.

“I get a lot of compliments on my skin and how I don’t look my age and I credit it all to using this and the night cream regularly.”

You can buy the Lacura Rejuvelate Night Cream from Aldi for £3.49 here.

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