Who Asked For This Ridiculous $1,290 'T-Shirt Shirt'?

You know those times when you’re not sure if the spot you’re going to is fancy or casual, and you can’t quite decide whether to wear a T-shirt or a button-up? And instead of deciding what to do, you just stare wistfully into your closet for a few hours, wishing some designer would come through and create something to satisfy either scenario?

Apparently, those designers are at Balenciaga. The minds behind the high-end fashion house decided to solve that problem by creating this $1,290 “T-Shirt Shirt,” which is currently available for pre-order.

But Balenciaga’s idea of a solution isn’t exactly a fit (literally) for everyone. Mostly, Twitter users have been responding with a mix of unchecked confusion and some pretty great memes. Behold.

LMAOOOOO bro what in the actual fuck pic.twitter.com/IsWSV0DMGD

US$1,290 for this, @BALENCIAGA??! pic.twitter.com/aQwS2MFwwk

1200 usd ???? pic.twitter.com/RLrLGPxxd5

When yer da gets divorced and can’t figure out laundry
Not even joking

Over £1000 for this tee shirt that got stuck to a shirt in the tumble drier #balenciaga pic.twitter.com/yt1WEFtEDl

Balenciaga’s Steve Bannon collection https://t.co/yFpTbg7BpL


I just made my own Double Shirt and it didn’t cost thousands of dollars! pic.twitter.com/8daWqAGy7C

Man I didn’t even wanna do this shoot pic.twitter.com/dl0QEnl7ct

whoever is the designer for balenciaga has to leave… pic.twitter.com/XhvMxVzwov

Balenciaga is the crackhead of the fashion industry pic.twitter.com/9hCh3szQ9Z

Balenciaga’s new T-shirt Shirt… $1200… its a T-shirt and a shirt… Chanyeol and Baekhyun probably already preordered @weareoneEXO pic.twitter.com/oo3fhxjQ4m

Balenciaga be fuckin’ tweaking lol pic.twitter.com/ALwoRgxCqE

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