BEAMS Calls In JAXA Astronaut Soichi Noguchi for Uniform-Inspired Capsule

BEAMS has partnered with JAXA astrounaut Soichi Noguchi for a small capsule of goods modeled after the uniform he wears when he travels to the International Space Station. The lineup includes a jacket, a pair of trousers, a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

Leading the capsule is a jacket that’s been modeled after the top half of JAXA jumpsuit. An embroidered patch of the Japanese flag is woven on the right arm, while a heptagonal print displaying “Soichi Noguchi” and an image of the ISS appears on the left. “BEAMS” branding is seen on the upper left chest, sitting above twin chest pockets, a small D-ring and velcro cinching at the hemline to round off the jacket’s design — the matching pants feature a bevy of pockets and subtle details to mimic the design of the lower half of the official coveralls. Completing the capsule is the T-shirt and shorts, both stamped with “BEAMS” and “JAXA” logos over a clean blue foundation. Each piece in the range is also available in a black colorway and comes with a set of Nissin‘s Mini Cup Noodles in a special “SPACE BEAMS” flavor alongside nendo’s “THE FORK.”

In support of Soichi Noguchi’s next space mission, BEAMS’ JAXA-inspired capsule is currently available on the Japanese crowdfunding website Makuake, ranging from ¥10,450 – ¥41,800 JPY (approximately $100 – $400 USD).

In case you missed it, here’s a look at BEAMS GOLF’s space-themed Winter 2021 collection.

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