Billionaire’s son who has his own jet and thinks homeless people ‘make a career off benefits’ has to forage through bins to eat on Rich Kids Go Homeless

A BILLIONAIRE’S son who lives a lavish lifestyle of “fast cars, beautiful women and parties” gets a huge wakeup call after spending a few days homeless.

Pampered heir Bobby Misner, 23, is reduced to eating out of bins and begging for money on this week's Rich Kids Go Homeless.

Bobby is the son of  entrepreneur Tom Misner, founder of the SAE Institute music school, and has grown up with private jets and living in London and LA.

He signed up to the social experiment on 5STAR as he has the view that homeless people are “lazy” and make a “career off benefits”.

Bobby, who hopes to have a business as a filmmaker, seeks to prove that he would be able to get off the streets in no time and is convinced he would never be in that situation.

But the wealthy youngster was in for a shock when he discovered the harsh realities of spending three days living rough in Soho in central London.

Bobby claims that in his usual life he is very popular with the ladies, so decides to use his charm to ask women for money.

Unfortunately, he’s quickly left penniless and forced to stay on the streets, and admits: “Girls, what I've noticed, they tend to get scared.

“It usually tends to go well for me [with girls]. It's really weird having them stand offish like that.”

Spending the night in a makeshift bed on the wet pavement, he says: “I've experienced so many emotions tonight that I would normally never experience.”

Day two doesn’t go much better for the heir, as a hungry Bobby is forced to go foraging in bins for food and hunts in phone boxes for left change.

He can’t contain his excitement when he discovers some headphones and a beanie hat that someone has left behind and describes them as “treasure”.

Things are looking up for the Bobby, as he pawns the headphones to an electronic shop for £40.

His next plan is to buy and sell multi-bags of crisps at tube station entrances for a profit, which is unsuccessful.

He decides to spend the £40 he has on accommodation for the night – but is unable to get into a hostel due to needing to have ID.

Faced with the prospect of spending another chilly night on the streets, he admits he has realised that being homeless is an “uphill battle” and he gets why many turn to drugs and alcohol.

He said: “You don't want to live sober because life just sucks.”

On his final day sleeping rough, he encounters couple Demi and Aaron, both 20, who have been homeless on and off for the past three years.

They reveal they arrived in London from Middlesbrough five months ago after being kicked out of their accommodation.

The young girl admits she’s never had more than £700 and has been attacked while on the streets.

Demi and Aaron met in care and reveal they have had two kids together; one who died and they also have a five-month-old baby who was taken by social services.

Aaron tells Bobby: “All we want to do is have our kid with us.”

And when the heartbroken mum is asked why they have been homeless for so long, she replies: “We've tried [to get off the streets].

“And when you've tried for so long you sort of give up.

“I had to give [my daughter] to the midwife, I had to. I didn't want to do it, I wanted her to stay with us.

“We could have given her the world if they'd given us the change. Now they've taken our work away from us and what have we got now?”

At the end of the three days, a taxi comes to take a changed Bobby back to his life of luxury.

He said the experience has helped him realise how hard it is to get off the streets and says it was “one of the toughest things he has done”.

He admits: “I was slightly guilty of being a little prejudiced before.

“I'm going to be so grateful for the things in my life, and I'm not going to take anything for granted.”

It is later revealed that the trio are still in contact and the couple have visited Bobby, who gave them a makeover.

Rich Kids Go Homeless airs at 9pm on 5Star this Wednesday.


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