Bloke turns cupboard-under-the-stairs into a stunning gaming room on the cheap & jokes he’ll never see his wife again

A BLOKE who didn’t have anywhere to play video games turned the tiny cupboard under the stairs into an incredible gaming room. 

Mark Aspey revealed there was only one place he could play his console – the living room – which meant his wife couldn’t watch TV. 

In an attempt to play games in peace, and without disrupting his wife, Mark decided to repurpose the cupboard under the stairs.

He created a man cave by putting a TV and his gaming consoles on an old cabinet, and gave it a makeover with leftover carpet and wallpaper. 

The whole project cost him little over £15 to complete, and he’s so chuffed with his gaming room he joked his wife would ‘never see him again’. 

Mark shared his project to Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, where it’s racked up nearly 1,000 likes. 

He said: “I’m sure there’s many out there that play on consoles/PC for gaming and I found when I was playing in the living room, the Mrs had to sit watching me or go upstairs. 

“So we came up with a little solution, an under-stairs gaming solution.

“Plenty power and next to the router for wired connection.

“Cabinet was one we don’t use anymore with doors removed.

“1 x roll of cheap wallpaper.

“Leftover carpet from a previous room.

“£15 led lights off Amazon.

“Just need a chair and job done, she’ll never see me again.” 

Despite it being is new gaming den, Mark admitted that the hoover and other cleaning bits will still be kept there. 

Hundreds of people commented on the gaming set-up, praising the project. 

One person said: “Add some large bean bags I'd live in there myself.”

Another wrote: “Could do with one of these myself!!”

A third commented: “That's a great idea, shame you can't fit a bigger TV in there. Think I would stay in there a while.” 

Someone else thought: “Looks great. Perfect little gaming room. Love the orange lights lol.” 

While this person joked: “Harry Potter got an Xbox.”

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