Bride rages after catching boyfriend’s mum trying on her wedding dress – leaving it with a broken zip and muddy stains

BY the time their wedding day rolls round, most brides have been for so many fittings that their dress is perfectly made to measure.

In other words, someone else would probably struggle to get into it… and if they did, there's a high chance it would rip.

Unfortunately for one bride, this is the exact scenario she was faced with in the run up to her big day in 2018 – and it was her MOTHER-IN-LAW who was responsible.

Sharing her experience on Reddit, the bride – called Tracey – says her fiancé's mum Gina has never liked her and especially didn't like the idea of her wedding in Colombia.

Describing how Gina is "very upset" about the destination wedding, Tracey wrote: "She constantly complaints about the cost of her airfare, the size of the wedding, the guests that won't be able to come, the thought of my fiancé getting malaria, the fact that she hates no one in Colombia speaks English."

What's more, the bride-to-be says her difficult mother-in-law has complained about the size of her engagement ring, the couple's home and even commented on her weight before.

In the lead up to the wedding, Gina stayed over at the couple's home one evening – and when they were making up the spare room, she snuck off to look at Tracey's dress.

After they'd been assembling the bed for 40 minutes, the bride went to go to the toilet when she found her mother-in-law trying on her wedding dress.

She explained: "I went to go take a bathroom break and headed into the master bedroom…and what do I find but future [mother-in-law] struggling to yank my dress over her head.'

"I blurted out 'what the h*ll?!' and she immediately started stammering 'Oh my God! OH MY GOD! OH GOD!'"

She responded that she was just trying to make sure the dress would fit me; because if the dress fit her, then it would absolutely fit me too…

When Tracey quizzed her, Gina simply said that she was trying it on for the BRIDE'S sake.

The bride continued: "She responded that she was just trying to make sure the dress would fit me; because if the dress fit her, then it would absolutely fit me too.

"If it didn't fit her, then I obviously had some work to do. Never mind that I just had my final fitting and it had fit like a glove!"

To make matters worse, Tracey claims her mother-in-law "destroyed" the dress – leaving it with a broken zip and a large footprint on the back.

Instead of apologising or offering to pay for the repair, the mother-in-law "lectured" Gina for splashing out on an expensive dress.

She concluded: "Clearly the trouble she had getting into the dress was a sign to get something less dramatic and ostentatious."

"If she didn't pay for repairs, I wouldn't ever let her in my house again," one replied. "This certainly wasn't an accident."

Another said: "You need to present her with the entire repair bill and insist that she pays it in full."

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