Bride’s best mate demands she returns expensive gift after being disinvited from family-only wedding due to coronavirus – The Sun

A JILTED wedding guest has been torn to shreds online by people who say she's wrong for demanding her best mate return the expensive wedding gift she'd given her – all because the bride had to scale back the wedding numbers because of coronavirus.

The bride and groom had planned a larger scale wedding – including the unnamed wedding guest – but their plans were foiled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So, the couple were forced to turn their wedding into a family-only ceremony, with friends invited to a vow renewal service at a later date.

However, the bride's best mate was outraged to hear that the couple had tied the knot in secret and demanded she return the pricey wedding gift she'd given them.

Writing on the Reddit forum 'Am I the A******e,' which is often abbreviated to AITA, the women asked others if she was wrong for reacting the way she did.

The unnamed friend helped her pal, Stacey, prepare for the wedding for 'over 20 hours' before it was cancelled – she she feels as though she should have been told the event was being rescheduled.

She wrote: "The wedding was set to be beautiful. Stacey and I spent countless hours together pouring over every single detail.

"Vows, invites, menu, flowers, table settings. You name it, we covered it. It was A LOT of work, and I probably spent 20 hours helping, and I was more than happy to. I do love weddings.

"Stacey had told me that the wedding will be pushed to late next year. However, Stacey and her soon to be husband just bought a house and were working to furnish it. I decided that giving them their wedding gift in advance would take some financial pressure off of them."

The woman and her husband shelled out on a 'beautiful dining set and dinnerware set,' which she justified because the two women were 'like sisters'.


She continued: "Turns out Stacey got married in a small, family only private ceremony in August.

"She hid it from me because I was not invited and she didn't want me to feel bad or react negatively. I am beyond hurt.

"I have treated Stacey like my sister, helped her plan her wedding, listened to her cry on the phone when the big day had to be cancelled, but she doesn't consider me important enough to invite.

"I texted Stacey and asked she return and pay me back for the dining set. I said she can keep the dinnerware. I feel defrauded."

The woman asked whether she was 'an a*****e' for demanding the wedding gifts back, and the answer was pretty much a resounding 'yes'.

One person replied saying: "You're the a*****e because you asked for a wedding present back because things didn’t go as YOU wanted."

Another added: "In reality, the wedding is just a legal necessity. Supporting the marriage is much more important."

A third said: "She didn’t tell you so you wouldn’t react badly? She was right, because look who’s acting badly and petty over an invite to a FAMILY only event during a PANDEMIC."

However, some people stuck up for the friend.

One person mused: "She’s hurt right now and rightfully so. She was snubbed by the person she considered her closest friend."

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