Bridezilla’s VERY detailed dress code on wedding invite demands female guests ‘dress sexy and wear lashes’ – The Sun

A BRIDEZILLA whose long list of demands including that her guests wear fake eyelashes, bring phone chargers and wear 'stylish and sexy' outfits  has been shared online.

One of the wedding invitees shared the outrageous list of demands – which asks guests to follow a 'sensual yet elegant' theme – on the Facebook group That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming.

While some couples might provide their guests with a general dress code in order to indicate how formal or informal the ceremony will be, this bride took things a step further by going into intricate detail with her demands.

One of the bride's 'tips' listed was to 'make choices that highlight your physical attributes rather than trying to mask the ones you dislike'.

The guidelines require women to wear full makeup, inlcuding fake eyelashes.

Nails must be manicured – though stiletto shaped nails were a big no-no and guests were only permitted to choose 'clear, natural, subtle' colours.

Only floor-length, sleeveless dresses were permitted. While women were encourages to wear open-toe heels, the bride insisted these were kept at a three or four inch height.

Somewhat bizarrely, she stated that guests shouldn't wear wedges.

However, if wearing towering high heels brings about foot pain, the bride will keep a close eye on her guests' painkiller intake.

"If you plan to take Asprin (i.e. to avoid foot pain in heels), keep in mind that when combined with alcohol, you get drunk 30% faster.

In addition, she advised guests should bring a phone charger in their evening bags.

The list concludes by asking that all guests to confirm all of their outfit details – including outfits, jewellery and accessories – prior to the event.

Similarly, another bridezilla went viral after demanding that her wedding bridesmaids buy a wedding gift – otherwise they weren't allowed to be in the wedding party.


In other wedding news, a stepmum has been slammed for upstaging the bride by wearing a dress that looks JUST like a bridal gown on the big day. 

Plus a thrifty bride chopped up her £500 wedding dress and dyes it green so she can wear it every day.

Meanwhile this bride wears her wedding dress to do daily chores and has even been kayaking in the frock.

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