Bye Bye Bob? Kim Kardashian Already Misses Her Long Hair Less Than 48 Hours After Debuting Her Short Bob

Less than 48 hours after Kim Kardashian West debuted a short new bob hairstyle during a date night with husband Kanye West, the star has revealed that she’s already missing her long strands.

Late Sunday night Kardashian tweeted, “Wait I miss my long hair ?”

While Kim’s been known to experiment with wigs and extensions, it appears her haircut was the real deal. Hairstylist Chris Appleton shared a photo on Instagram of her new do writing, “clean cut” and asking his followers, “How ?does Kim look with this new FRESH AF cut!”

Kim may have been inspired to go short after sister Khloé Kardashian just chopped her strands into a similar short bob. Khloé revealed she didn’t think she was ready for a short hairstyle just yet, but three days after opening up, she took the plunge.

She debuted her hairstyle (by longtime stylist Justine Marjan) on Instagram with a quote from brother-in-law Kanye West. “‘Not smiling makes me smile’ Kanye,” Kardashian wrote.

Both sisters stepped out with their matching styles together on Sunday night at the City of Hope poker tournament, where they were joined by mom Kris Jenner and sister Kendall Jenner.

But despite their new looks, the family had other topics on their mind — Kim’s toned bod.

Kendall said on Instagram stories that she’s “really concerned” about Kim’s appearance.

“What?” Kardashian West replied, with a shocked tone to her voice.

“Like, you look so skinny,” Kendall added.

Kim responded enthusiastically, “Oh my god, thank you.”

“Of course,” Jenner replied.

Khloé Kardashian joined the convo adding: “I’ve never seen a human being look as good as you,” adding that she looked liked a “Facetune” doll.

Kardashian West went on to say that she currently weighs 119 lbs, but less without her extensions.

And the body talk did not stop there, as the KKW beauty mogul continued to press her family for compliments.

“Kimberly I can literally see through you!” Kardashian said.

“I’m down to 119 lbs.” the mom of three replied, implying that the number was on the heavier side. “I will say when I take out my hair extensions I am less.”

“Your hair extensions, your a–, your tits, everything, they’re heavy, cause she’s f—— voluptuous,” Kardashian said. “But she’s anorexic here [gestures to waist], her arms are like pin thin, they’re like my pinky.”

Kardashian West’s fans were quick to call out their concerns over the continued body talk, mainly calling out Khloé for her use of the term anorexic.

“Kim Kardashian being obsessed with her sisters telling her she’s so skinny she looks anorexic on her Instagram story makes me want to throw my phone into outer space,” one Twitter user wrote, with others following suit.

This isn’t the first time Kardashian West prompted an exhaustive compliment session about her figure. Back in February during a book club meeting with her sisters and friends when sister Kourtney Kardashian asked about her waist, Kim bragged that it now measures just 24 inches.

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