Can YOU choo choo-se the train that's travelling in the opposite direction?

The puzzle requires attentive eyes and close focus, as it could take some time to pick out the correct answer.

Somewhere in the hustle and bustle of this station is a train and carriage going in the opposite direction to all the others… but can you catch it?

Tracking down the train is no mean feat, but there's no need to feel railroaded into choo-choosing the wrong one.

The trains are all equally distracting and colourful, making it even harder to pick the right one.

Scroll down to see the answer…

The brainteaser was created by Heathrow Express. A spokesman said: "This puzzle is a bit of a headscratcher but the train is in there somewhere if you look closely.

"Thankfully catching the right train in real life is much easier – especially if you travel the smart way."

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