Capricorn Ox Monthly horoscope: What your Chinese and Western zodiac sign has in store for you

CAPRICORN Oxen celebrate their birthdays in December and January. This month, the Ox will have a month of ups and downs and some arguments with their close ones. They must remain patient through it all.

In Chinese astrology, Oxen are born in 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, and 2033.

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Capricorn Ox Traits

Some might describe these boys as a little dull. It has to be said they don't exactly exude charisma but, yikes, are they strong – and talk about ambitious… Let me say that again… ambitious… and again… ambitious. 

Do you get the drift? The Oxen are control freaks who take instruction from no one. It's not an obviously controlling nature, it's a quiet, stealthy control, an ever-present control that we minions are blissfully unaware of. 

The work ethos of these characters is mildly hilarious, such is their undiluted and absolute dedication, application and perseverance.

 If you suggested that they had to wade through quicksand for 25 years in order to reach their goal, they'd just quietly nod, jump in and start wading. 

Y'see 25 years is nothing to this sign- as long as they get there in the end (and they always do), they're content. Now, these Oxen are Capricorns and Capricorn Oxen are bewitched, smitten, obsessed with and singularly driven by money – and this sign is absolutely the aforementioned. 

Money and the accumulation of, that's what life is all about. 

They can be serious, dowdy, fusty, slow, dreary, humdrum and rather dull – but there is a charm hidden somewhere amid the "heaviness" and you have to admire their relentless pursuit of said goals. 

Grafter, absolute grafter.

The 12 star signs

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  • Pisces ♓︎

Types of Ox

Metal Ox: Although there are life obstacles in the way, the Metal Ox faces no financial problems. They will be able to comfortably retire.

Water Ox: Water Oxen are highly respected. They are surrounded by love from their family. They are advised to marry late.

Wood Ox: Multi-talented, go through life breezily. There will be difficulties in early life.

Fire Ox: Friendly, fun, and social. The Fire Ox will not face any financial worries.

Earth Ox: Detailed oriented and good leaders. Financially comfortable, but can't hold onto money. They will enjoy later life more than their earlier years.

Love and compatibility

The Ox is compatible with the Snake and Rooster.

These three are considered deep thinkers. 

They are driven, goal driven and can be very persistent.

The Ox has stamina but can be dull but the Snake is highly diplomatic and sneaky in its way.

The Rooster is the head of the group and is always confident no matter the setback.

Contrarily, the Ox is least compatible with the Tiger, Dragon, Horse, and Goat.

Oxen like to be in charge of whatever they do, proving to be leaders with many opinions and much confidence. 

If they pursued a relationship with the Tiger, Dragon, or Horse they would clash due to similarities in their nature.

Yet, the Goat’s submissiveness would prove to be problematic for the Ox.

Lucky Numbers

The Ox’s lucky numbers are: 1, 4.

Relationship to the year of the Rat 2020

What a year it will be for the Ox’s career, education, and health! Lucky them.

The Ox will experience many positive changes this year, especially in the professional department.

New job opportunities, raises, and promotions will be in order all of 2020.

Oxen are urged to follow their heart and start that passion project they have been thinking about for some time now. 

They are also advised to choose their work partners carefully as many can create some drama with their ideas and projects.

In addition to that drama, the Ox’s relationships may struggle a little this year with good communication.

It is in the Ox’s best interest to be diligent and maintain good channels of communication to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

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