Change Your Luck With a Protective Amulet a la Sofia Vergara

Mercury is retrograde for a few more days yet (it resumes direct course August 18 for those muddling through), but a little protective jewelry couldn’t hurt in the meantime, right? Sofia Vergara is on board. The actress uploaded a selfie to her feed showing off her new evil eye necklace from Lito Fine Jewelry.

For the uninitiated, evil eye amulets are thought to protect the wearers from misfortune or injury. But, if you’re not superstitious, evil eye baubles also make beautiful and interesting pieces to wear on any given day. They’re dainty, chic and as a bonus, probably protect you from some bad vibes.

Unfortunately, the exact Lito evil eye that Vergara sported in her shot is not identifiable, but in honor of her stylish talisman, shop these six similar necklaces to keep yourself protected (or just looking fabulously chic).

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