Cleaning fanatic shows off easy way she keeps her loo smelling fresh – and it’s all about a 23p buy | The Sun

WITH the weather getting colder, we’re all in the habit of closing our windows to keep the heat in. 

But without fresh air, smells can start to stick. 

The one place you don’t want smells to stick is your bathroom. 

If you feel like supermarket toilet rim refreshers are not doing it for you, you might want to try this hack to keep your loo smelling extra fresh.

Jodie is a mum of two and runs a cleaning and home lifestyle account called clean_with_jodie_x.

Jodie has over 167,000 followers on TikTok. 

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In a recent video Jodie shared a hack for keeping her loo smelling fresh.

Jodie uses an empty toilet rim block holder to hold her summer breeze Lenor unstoppable beads.

If you want to try this you could use an old one and thoroughly clean it before adding the Lenor Unstoppables.

Jodie uses less than half a capful to fill her toilet rim holder. 

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She places the toilet rim holder in her toilet under the seat and uses it like normal.

You should be able to get about 13 capfuls in a standard Lenor unstoppable cupboard pack so each toilet block holder will cost you about 23p. 

Jodie’s video went viral with over 1.6million views. 

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Some viewers were very impressed with the hack.

One commenter said: “That's clever actually.”

A second commenter said: “This is actually a really good idea x I bet bathroom smells lush.”

Another commenter said: “I do this . Smells absolutely amazing But only lasts a few flushes.”

Others thought the hack was a little extra and expensive. 

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One comment said: “Lenor so expensive, I would rather just open the window lol.”

Another commenter said: “Just buy a proper one for the toilet.”

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