Colorful street style is getting New Yorkers through a COVID-19 fall

Who says it’s gonna be a dark winter?

This fall, New Yorkers sick of sitting around in sweats and looking lackluster after a long lockdown are going bold — and bright.

“I’ve never been afraid of color, but I wear black and navy scrubs every day,” Dr. Dendy Engelman, a Manhattan dermatologist, told The Post. She shelved many of her duds because most dry cleaners were closed during the pandemic, but now she’s bringing back her finery and even recently picked up a pair of red Jimmy Choos and an orange bathing suit. “I’m trying to lift the mood. It’s like when people have a bad day and want comfort food. Wearing color is going back to what makes me happy.”

Some locals are leaning into colorful COVID chic — Bushwick fashion designer Mia Anyinke created a blue dress with a built-in mask — while others are lusting hard for pre-pandemic style and getting their fashion fix the only place they can these days: Netflix.

“I was in a funk because I am working from home,” said Maria Saverino, a technical recruiter who felt the need to reinvigorate her wardrobe after bingeing on the delightful sitcom “Emily in Paris,” where the titular character prances around Paris in splashy, patterned ensembles and — gasp! — high heels. “I haven’t seen clothes like that since ‘Gossip Girl,’ and it’s inspiring.”

Here, see how a slew of fashionable folks are leveling up their look this season.

Scarlet better

During her twice-a-week business dinners, Dr. Dendy Engelman has been wearing colorful duds, including this Trina Turk jumpsuit on loan from Rent the Runway. During one recent outing, her companions dressed in all-black gasped at her colorful number.

“Everything I’ve been buying, renting [from Rent the Runway] or looking at is a bold color,” she said, adding that many of her patients are coming dressed-up instead of their usual athleisure. “They are excited to care about their appearance.”

Hot around the collar

In September, Mia Anyinke got an idea. “I kept leaving the house and forgetting my mask. It dawned on me that I should make a dress that doubles as a mask,” Anyinke, 36, who designs a line called Tribes of Kin, told The Post. So the Turtle Mask Dress ($199) was born. The body-con piece boasts a crazy-long 34-inch turtleneck, which can be worn as a cozy cowl, or yes, “You could pull it all the way up to cover your whole face,” she said.

It comes in black and cobalt blue, a hue that Anyinke, a former Army cargo specialist, loves so much that she rocks braids that match.

“It’s basically one color in the army,” she said. “Now, it’s the more color the better.”

Secondhand scores

“Now is the best time to go shopping for secondhand designer clothes because everyone is trying to make money. People are getting rid of good stuff,” said Nick James, an image consultant and stylist assistant. The Brooklyn resident recently picked up this red Prada vest on the Real Real for $400.

“It reminded me of the red Moncler vest Kanye wore in 2008 [at Jingle Ball]. I saw it while in Los Angeles and said, ‘I gotta get that vest,’ ” said the 26-year-old who is sporting other recent consignment scores like Margiela pants and Louis Vuitton shoes.

Neon delights

A birthday trip to the Big Apple turned into Brittany Hall’s fashion rebirth.

“Every day during the pandemic was sweatpants because I was working from home and had no reason to get dressed,” the Houston resident and fashion entrepreneur told The Post. Hall, 32, who works in the mortgage industry, sported a neon sweatshirt from her own apparel brand, La Lutte.

“This was the first time I’ve gotten dressed up,” said Hall, who splurged on a snakeskin pantsuit and long sleeve leather dress from Zara while in Soho. “I knew this was a fashionable hood, so I wanted to stand out.”

Prints charming

“I want show-stopping colors right now,” said Maria Saverino, who is embracing crazy prints and recently bought pants emblazoned with giraffes from J.Crew, which is also where her “Gossip Girl”-chic navy patterned dress and matching headband are from. She’s heading back to her office downtown soon and can’t wait to flex her acquisitions: “The dress is classy for work but also fun for socializing.”

Head-to-toe hypebeast

Tinnunut Klanlod, a 40-year-old cook who lives in Queens went out shopping in Soho recently in his finest streetwear. The native of Thailand sported Bathing Ape pants, a Supreme shirt and mismatching Nikes.

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