Couple save £160 per month by eating out of bins and confess they fell in love when they met in a skip

The 30-year-old even met her husband, Yoav while "dumpster diving" and the pair now live in a van while travelling all over the States.

Ranae first began salvaging waste food when she decided to take on rock-climbing full time.

The sport requires a lot of travelling and to be able to afford the lifestyle, Ranae moved into her Honda, saving up to £160 per month on food.

It was during this time she met her Yoav – who is also into "dumpster diving".

"For the past three years, I’ve lived out of a vehicle – two years in a Honda, before I met my husband, Yoav," she explained.

"We’ve since upgraded to a larger van to comfortably fit two and allow for cooking inside.

"We’ve lived this way so that we can travel around, rock climb, play and exist in outdoor spaces, with the ability to switch up our locale every few months without a hitch.

"I’ve never been a germaphobe, I wanted to stretch my savings and I highly value resourcefulness, so it was easy for them to convert me."

"As soon as I discovered not only how easy dumpster diving can be, but how much perfectly good food is constantly wasted, I made it a personal necessity," she continued.

"I became compelled to dive; not just to save money, but as a sort of ethical stance.

"Why should I buy food when so much is on its way to the landfill?

"Why don’t I do everyone a favour (including myself), and lighten those bins a bit?"

Ranae shares her lifestyle on social media, where she hopes to encourage others to "dive" too.

"I think the important thing to remember is you’re not going to save the world alone, and you need to make it sustainable," she said.

"So, dive when you can and shop when you can’t, or if you want something the dumpster gods didn’t provide.

"… I hope it encourages more people to dive and demonstrate how capitalism wastes.

"I also wanted to call out and hold notorious companies more accountable for their waste."

Ranae explained there's "no black and white rules" for saving the world, but says "ethics should always be questioned and re-defined".

"Veganism, for instance. Why not eat animal products from the dumpster?" She asked.

"The animal has already been slaughtered, and completely in vain if not consumed.

"I’m not condoning eating meat over not.

"I’m condoning eating garbage over-packaged, distributed and branded foods that aren’t actual foods."

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