DJ Chantel Jeffries Dishes on the Totally Unexpected Clothing Item That Makes Her Feel ‘Sexy’

Summertime fine! Chantel Jeffries is taking the hottest season of the year by storm with her unique style and impressive career.

The 25-year-old DJ, who played her singles “Wait” and “Both Sides” during her Las Vegas takeover at Omnia on July 20 and Wet Republic on July 21, is gearing up to release a new track ahead of her second weekend spinning in Sin City.

Stylish caught up with Jeffries earlier this month to get the deets on her fashion must-haves for summer both on and off the job. Scroll down to read the full interview!

Stylish: When you’re DJing in Vegas, what kind of outfits do you usually go for?
Chantel Jeffries: Well, when I’m DJing, I really like something sparkly or reflective. Like, metallic. Something that catches the light because there’s usually such a cool light show going on at these venues … and something I can move in, so I can have as much fun as possible DJing.

Stylish: Totally. Would you say normally you have Vegas style, or are you more laid-back in your day-to-day looks?
CJ: I think in my day-to-day, I’m more laid-back for sure. I usually like sneakers and boots and jeans and stuff like that, so definitely more laid-back.

Stylish: What’s your go-to everyday look?
CJ: I would definitely say either jeans or black pants with boots, or a leather jacket and a crop top is my go-to.

Stylish: Love it. What trends are you into right now?
CJ: I’m really into over-sized, button-down silky shirts. It’s summer and it’s so hot, but I like that … You can wear [them] over other clothes and there’s always so many cool prints … I’m also into just, like, a lot of jewelry. I’ve been mixing gold and silver, which I used to not do, but that’s another trend I’m into. And then a lot of rings and necklaces.

Stylish: So cute! What would you wear for a girl’s night out?
CJ: It depends where we’re going. I really love a dress and a platform sneaker look … I like different types of jeans with a rip in the back or a chain belt, or some sort of statement jacket with a crop top and boots. You know, something that you can be really comfortable in and have fun. For me, that’s the most important thing, just because when I’m going out with my friends, I want to enjoy myself and if my outfit is … like, if my shoes aren’t comfortable, that’s the worst thing, because you can’t really have as much fun as you want to.

Stylish: What’s a go-to date night look for you?
CJ: I’ll probably put myself a little more out of the comfort zone with a date night because I’m not gonna be acting as crazy, I’m going to be more pulled together. So I might do some sort of pump with either black pants or a cute blouse … and lots of jewelry. But it depends, really.

Stylish: What do you wear when you’re feeling like your most confident and sexiest self?
CJ: I’ve been working out and I’m on a special diet. So I feel like when I’m showing my abs, I’m proud of them, because I’ve been working for them for so long and now that I have them, I like wearing things where I can kind of see them or you know they’re there. I love different types of crop tops or even button down shirts that are, like, open with a crop top under … Weirdly enough too, something that makes me feel really confident and sexy is a classic black turtleneck. There’s something about a black turtleneck. It’s so conservative as far it covers everything, but at the same time, I feel like it shows off your silhouette and it’s something that makes me feel really sexy. It always has for years. And a red lip, I really love that.

Stylish: Very classic, I like it. And for makeup, do you usually try bolder looks or are you into something more neutral?
CJ: I definitely keep it neutral. I like to do a bronzy, glowy look, especially now that it’s summer and the tan and the freckles are out. In the fall and the winter, I’ll usually do a bold lip with neutral eyes. But for the summer, I like an all-over bronzy, glowy.

Stylish: So pretty. Celebrity wise, who are your beauty and fashion inspirations?
CJ: I really love Rita Ora’s style [because] I feel like she takes so many chances and she’s always switching up her look. She always has different hairstyles and makeup and sunglass and the whole thing, and she’s always posting a lot of pictures, which not everybody who switches up their style so much does … And I like Emily Ratajkowski just because [of] her vacation look. I feel like she always looks like she’s on vacation and she’s always wearing dresses with sneakers and a lot of jewelry and just cute looks that I like. She’s more natural and Rita is more done-up and ready to go. I guess it’s a good balance.

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