Eagle-eyed shopper slams ASOS after spotting bulldog clips being used to make a model’s dress look more fitted on unedited snap

A CUSTOMER has slammed ASOS after spotting clips being used to make a dress look more fitted on the site.

Twitter user Ronnie shared the unedited snap of the £35 light navy midi dress with her followers, pointing out that two bulldog clips could be seen cinching the garment at the waist.

Captioning the image Ronnie wrote: “uhmm @ASOS ..think you forgot to edit those clips out.”

Her tweet has received more than 11,000 likes and dozens of comments from angry shoppers who argued that this is why clothes don’t fit.

ASOS was quick to reply to Ronnie’s tweet writing: “Hi Ronnie, thank you for raising this with us. We're sorry to hear the clips are showing in the picture.

“We'll now raise this with our specialist team. If you have any questions please send us a message we'd be happy to help.”

The image of the dress has since been edited so that the bulldog clips can no longer be seen, but customers are now urging ASOS to do away with them completely.

Replying to Ronnie’s tweet one wrote: “Why not clearly show how the dress fits, instead of changing it to fit in a different way than it clearly wouldn’t without the clip, definitely an idea for the specialist team.”


Ronnie agreed adding: “Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And there’s you doubting your body shape when the dress doesn’t hang right like the pictures and what not.”

Remarking on the store’s new policy of banning serial returners another said: “The irony of the them clearly deceiving what the clothes actually look like yet recently banning accounts that “return too many items.”




“I always wondered why nothing ever fits even remotely close to the photos on the wesbites… guess now we know why” tweeted another.

Fabulous Digital has contacted ASOS for a comment.

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