Exhausted mum-of-two shares photo of filthy food-stained car & reveals how she got it looking as good as new

WHEN your kids start kicking off in the back of the car, sometimes we give them a snack in the hopes that it'll make them quieten down. Yes, we've all done it.

But while this might buy you a few extra minutes of peace and quiet, one mum has learnt the hard way that sneaking snacks in the car can ruin your seats.

Posting in a cleaning Facebook group, the exhausted mum-of-two – who is currently pregnant with her third child – shared images of her filthy food-stained car.

Admitting that she hadn't cleaned the car in five years, the woman wrote: "I actually can't believe I let it get this bad."

To begin with, the mum hoovered the floor around the seats to get rid of any crumbs and food debris before giving the cushions themselves a good wipe down.

Once she'd got rid of the lingering crumbs, the mum went in with Bissell's £150 carpet cleaner which promises to "quickly and easily lift away spots, spills and stains" from carpets, rugs and upholstery thanks to its specialist detergent and high suction nozzle.

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After she shared photos of her newly cleaned car, other members in the group were amazed by the results.

One replied: "Good on you! I usually just pay a guy that comes to your house and does this, you were very brave."

"To be honest I'm thinking about just throwing my whole car out," another added. "You did a great job!"

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