Farrah Abraham Vs. Kim Kardashian: Who Looks Hottest Jumping In Barely There Bikinis & Bras?

Farrah Abraham and Kim Kardashian both proved they’re hotter than ever when they posted recent pics of themselves jumping in sexy bikinis but which lady shows off her figure best?

Farrah Abraham, 27, and Kim Kardashian, 37, both have amazing bodies and they recently flaunted them while wearing barely there bikinis on Sept. 2, but which brunette beauty looked the hottest? It’s hard to decide! Farrah and Kim took to Instagram to share the sexy pics of themselves having fun in their summer swimsuits and they’re equally eye-catching! Farrah’s pics show her jump roping in a tiny bikini top and Daisy Dukes while Kim’s show her having fun jumping on a trampoline in a neon green bikini. Farrah’s fun happened while she was on vacation in Costa Rica while Kim’s activities took place in a backyard and beach area.

Farrah and Kim are known for often showing off their fit bodies on social media and beyond, and their confidence has led them to truly make a lasting impression. Of course, being in the public eye also comes with backlash from followers but both Farrah and Kim seem to handle it well and continue to be themselves without apologies. Now that the summer is almost over, though, we may be seeing less bikinis and more fall collections.

These ladies are used to being in the public eye and as mothers, we bet they try to work hard to keep those bodies in shape. It’s great to see them out there having fun when they can and their jump roping and trampoline jumping are reminders that working out and staying fit doesn’t always have to be all sweat and no fun. We can’t wait to see more of their awesome pics in the future!

As reality stars, Farrah and Kim probably feel the pressure to look their best but even if they’re not in bikinis, they always seem to make themselves look good! From form-fitting dresses to jeans that show their curves in all the right ways, these girls know how to work it!

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